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[Late-ish!] Serenity: LA report [Mar. 20th, 2008|06:52 pm]
Starfury Conventions


Serenity LA report [apologies for errors and omissions ; travelled over 10,000 miles!!]

First encounter with Adam...Sat 3rd November, about mid-day, near enough. Picture me dolled up in my maroon and black Sheriff/Las Vegas showgirl outfit [see above]. Fair bit of cleavage and leg, hair piled up on top. Spent the queue centering myself and wondering how this first encounter was going to go. Took my first look at the Big Guy who was talking to the person about 4 or 5 in front of me. Into my head popped two words, unbidden; 'Ricky Linderman'. So, I've got me a big, grown-up version of him to deal with [without the killing, I hope]; that's okay. Adam's hair is short, but curling slightly, very pale blue eyes. He had no visible reaction to the cozzie at all; he was clearly in, 'I am having my photo taken' mode and locked totally 'in the zone'. That's okay; I've met that in other actors before. We had a brief warm interchange, I introduced myself. thanked him and shook his hand and said something like 'Catch you later' and that was that.

Autograph queue - juggling lots of items! [Firefly DVD cover, Serenity book, Firefly crew tee shirt, BDM in the Collector's Edition, unpainted Jayne dolly and Angel comic #1, plus a photo or several of Adam!!!]. I think the Angel comic went to Adam first. He said something like, "I'll sign right over Charisma Carpenter's face" with quite a bit of relish [personality clash between them, maybe?] and I responded with a slightly OTT sympathetic "Oh, poor Charisma!". He signed the Jayne dolly box without comment; Sean Harry helped stretch out the tee shirt before I could get my mitts on it [they were full, remember!]; Adam found a spot in the book and on the DVD cover pretty quickly; so that left my signed picture. I asked him if he could personalise it and he said, "Sure". Then came the usual thing of me saying my name and starting to spell it and the writer going on autopilot and starting to put two 'l's. I had put it down on the autograph paper, but Sean had whisked that away. Adam duly checked himself, looked up really apologetically and said 'sorry' [in a way that made me think of a very little boy; it was utterly open and charming and I bet he had that look pegged when he was three, if not before!]. He skilfully combined the almost two 'l's into one and I said, "Blame my Dad, he chose it!" [stock response!]. I thanked Adam and worked my way down the rest of the line. On the way back, I walked down the other side of the signing place, against the wall out of the way as directed and glanced back towards Adam for another peek. He had his head mostly down, but I saw his eyes flick my way from under his lashes. By the direction of his gaze, I think he was checking out the heels and fishnet combo [GG]. [Yeah, that'd probably do it...].

Saturday night - Lyn and I were walking down Hollywood Boulevard looking for somewhere to eat. There was an 'English' themed pub on the other side called the 'Pig and Whistle' and we'd notionally earmarked that as a place to eat. One of the QMx guys [I'm so sorry - blame it on the jet-lag, I've forgotten your name and you were so nice] didn't know where 'La Cantina' was so we offered to walk him there as it wasn't that far. He offered us a drink for our pains, we accepted gracefully, then he wanted to eat. We took a glance at the menu and decided purely on the spur of the moment to stay put. Boy, are we glad we did... I ordered fajitas which came with about enough for four people. I started on it gamely enough, but I think the 5,000 mile trip was really playing havoc with my appetite levels. In the UK I'd have easily demolished at least half of what they served me, but I had real trouble making headroads into the piles of yummy looking stuff in front of me. I concentrated on the beef strips in a metal pan nearest me, which had been caramalised with sweet green peppers and onions. It was utterly delicious.

The convention had the place under an exclusive booking from 8.30 p.m. About 8.05, there we were eating, chatting to the QMx guy and generally easing into the evening, when Sean Harry arrived and Adam with him. We looked up and smiled and said 'Hi' so as not to appear rude. Adam smiled back and came over to sit next to us [well, next to Lyn, who came close to melting into a puddle at his feet!]. So, the four of us sat and chatted about a whole heap of things for over HALF AN HOUR! I offered Adam sharesies in the fajitas, but he'd already eaten at the famous Russo's bar and grill just down the road. So I kept forking the beef [Adam's comment was that it looked good and I said it was; just not used to American size portions!] and letting Lyn have her moment whilst putting in the odd sentence at a suitable juncture. Plus, the...erm...scenery was well worth watching!! I was even more impressed by how natural, charming and sweet Adam is in person. Lots of facial expressiveness, good listener, charming. Late on into the conversation we were joined by the guy who'd actually found the Ariel ambulance in a scrapyard and Adam's face whilst the guy told his story was a picture of incredulity, amazement and deeply genuine interest.

Later on, long after Adam had left us to mingle, I went to the Ladies. On the way back, Adam stopped me, said my name with a little bit of a question [I have got it right, haven't I?] and put out his hand. I smiled, shook his hand right back and we had another short interchange. I really can't remember what we said [sorry]. There was a slightly...hesitant atmosphere; from both of us. I had to think about it a lot afterwards. Back in the UK, I think I got it! I think he didn't know quite what to make of me!! [not the first time this has happened!!]. I'm tall [and I was wearing serious heels that evening], Amazonian, with striking features, have what most people would probably catagorise as a 'BBC English' accent and I have two tattoos to date. Plus there's my deepish speaking voice and my very dry sense of humour. Bit of a package! We communicated, but there wasn't that 'moment' when we 'clicked'. And I was busy adapting and getting used to Adam 'up close and personal'. Hopefully, next time, we'll make it past that hesitancy, or whatever it was.

Lyn and I had a lovely chat with Jewel at the bar who was regaling us with stories from being on Atlantis. I was flattered that she remembered me from previous times. Jewel and I both agreed that Ronin [Jason] is stunning [woman's got taste!]. We went on to talk about Adam in very flattering terms as well [I knew I liked her!].

Sunday- Yes, this report is going to be Adam-heavy! But with a HUGE pile of [squee!] for Nathan turning up 'unexpectedly', on his own dime as far as I could tell. Jewel was in on it because she dropped a big hint in the bar on Saturday night. [More Sunday soon....]